Digital disruption is already happening and it will stay. The ability to engage successfully with the disruption will be the critical success factor for every business across the globe. These disruptions are not visible to the normal vision of an enterprise. However, CEOs and CIOs are aware of the potential of digital disruption but then they will need external support for identifying and assessing and addressing these.

Understanding that Continuous innovation is the only way forward for enterprises to be competitive during digital disruption, Altaire Insights provides Innovation as a service.

Innovation as a service at Altaire is a pragmatic process to create and test disrupting ideas. Together with the key people of your organization, we will ideate and carry out innovative experiments shaping your digital transformation journey. Our goal is to become your transformation agent and help accelerate ideas into MVP faster with design thinking and rapid prototyping.

To be successful during digital disruption, companies must align the why - The Strategy what - The Business Models and how - The Operating Model. Agile business model is an approach that combines business development with agile principles to build a flexible organization capable of reacting fast to unpredictables changes. These business models will lead to the creation of ecosystems. These business models to be supported with an agile operating model that is set up apart from the rest of the organization to serve as a testing ground before new ideas are rolled out to the entire organization.

The Business Model Canvas was developed by Alexander Osterwalder as a tool for startups and businesses. It is a simple one-page canvas that allows you to clearly see how the different components of your business interact with each other. Investors, particularly VCs, are increasingly asking entrepreneurs to describe their business model in terms of the Business Model Canvas. This framework expanded the definition of a business model to include the following four questions:

  • How do you create value?
  • What is your Customer Value Proposition?
  • How do you deliver value?
  • How do you capture value?

These four questions are mapped into the nine boxes in a Business Model Canvas. Our consultants will work with you to understand your business and create a business canvas model. This would help startups and incumbents build their strategy.

Bringing a new product to market is not just about designing and building it but also to develop a clear strategy on how to make it successful. This process should consider the market, competition, business model, branding, etc. At Altaire, our strategist would work with the key stakeholders from your business to understand your business objectives and current challenges and will provide you with a digital product strategy. The engagement will involve:

  • Define strategy and goals
  • Market research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Conduct user interviews
  • Writing use cases and user stories
  • Technology recommendations

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UX is at the heart of digital transformation and is revolutionizing the way users interact with the digital world. Digital transformation starts with placing customers at the heart of the business. A top-notch user experience is very important to keep the customers engaged throughout their journey in an application/platform. At Altaire Insights, we achieve this by staying focused on making UX the focal point where user needs, business goals, content architecture, and the interaction platform are brought together. We always try to keep UX at Altaire Purposeful, Inclusive and Innovative. Some of the key focus areas are:

  • Searchability – how easy it is to find the site or application
  • Accessibility – how easy it is to use and understand the app or software
  • Desirability – how much influence it generates on users to use the app
  • Consistency – does it provide the same experience across all the devices
  • Content – how intrigued is the content to keep user glued
  • Design – is it beautiful, clean, and contains brand-enhancing visual design
  • Usability – is it easy to use, understand, and learn
  • Credibility – can users trust and believe in the product or service
  • Usefulness – how valuable are the features and functions

During the discovery phase, our consultants will work with key stakeholders to understand the company's vision, objectives of the product, users of the product and their needs. At the research stage, the consultant will help clients in discovering knowledge gaps and align all assumptions with real user expectations. UX & UI goals are decided and documented at this stage.

With the insights that are gathered from the discovery and research data, consultants will define the information architecture and craft a product roadmap that solves problems like no other existing products. Using the wire-framing team, we will visualize data structures and represent UI features. Designs will also be created by adding visually appealing elements that evoke emotions. A clickable prototype is the outcome of this phase.

Based on the UX & UI goals set at the beginning of the process, the consultants will create criteria and parameters to validate the design. The team will conduct user-testing sessions and will perform detailed analysis to transform data into actionable design improvements.

UI consultants will work with the UX team and create the UI screens exactly as the designs approved by the client. The data is converted into a graphical interface for the user to view and interact with it. Leveraging the latest technologies, the design is translated into a functioning code at the pixel level. UI developers will collaborate with back end developers to ensure that the data is loaded into front end screens as designed.

  • Cloud-native applications
  • Microservices/container architecture
  • API based architecture
  • DevOps CI/CD
  • Test automation and Test-driven development
  • Shift left security
  • Data and Analytics
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Every business model is disrupted by technology and all corporations in the world will eventually become a software company. Companies are enabled to create new business models not only through the features developers code into the software but also through their ability to build and deliver it rapidly, reliably and repeatedly. They can get value to the customer faster and get feedback to help in making it better. While leveraging the latest technologies in infrastructure and app development, it is equally important in mastering continuous integration, continuous delivery and DevOps to ensure reducing time to market. Our engineering services are defined focusing below areas.

We understand the challenges startups face bringing their idea into life. We help our clients creating an MVP with a minimum set of features that would be sufficient for them to approach their target audience and test the idea and show to the investors. We work along with the clients conceptualizing the product, design and develop minimum features.

We build cloud-native enterprise applications and we design cloud infrastructure with high availability and scalability to meet the future demands of products and platforms.

Our full-stack developers with expertise in Agile and DevOps methodology, latest tools & technologies, and CI/CD pipeline automation enables them to build, test and deliver software with speed, throughput without compromising quality and security.

We believe in Test-driven development and shift left testing to ensure quality across the software delivery life cycle driven by end-to-end automation testing services. Security and performance testing is an integral part of our quality assurance.

Empowering remote workers to work smarter by enabling seamless access to enterprise applications leveraging the latest technologies and delivery models.

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Insights is an integral part of every product and platform created by Altaire. We will help our clients to become an analytics- driven enterprise and monetize the data they have. Today, data is the most strategic asset any organization has that will help them understand evolving opportunities, threats, and changing market /customer expectations. It is important to understand and react to the competition in the market space. At Altaire, we have a 4 staged approach in identifying and transforming data into actionable insights.

  • Hybrid Data Integration
  • Hybrid Data Integration
  • Accelerated Data Integration
  • Data Migration and Consolidation
  • Unstructured data management
  • Data Inegration
  • Data Modeling
  • Big Data Processing
  • Data Cleansing
  • Machine Learning
  • HD Insights
  • Analysis Services
  • Visualization
  • BI Rationalization and Consolidation
  • Mobile BI Solutions
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